Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Moon: Mysterious rocket crash baffles scientists

WION Channel on Youtube shows that a mystery rocket has crashed into moon creating two large craters. Scientists are baffled, they don't know where the rocket came from & why the impact was spread over two distinct areas. Palki Sharma reports.

A mysterious rocket certainly crashed into the moon on March 4, leaving behind a large 'double crater,' NASA reported. 

The strange impact left behind a widespread "double crater," meaning it wasn't a usual type of rocket. 

Since the crash, none of Earth's space-exploring nations have claimed responsibility for the mysterious projectile. New images shared on June 24 by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter show the highly unusual impact site.

A crater on the moon can range in size from 15-50 km in diameter. The archetype crater is Triesnecker. TYC - these are larger than 50 km (with terraced inner walls and relatively flat floors). They really frequently have large central peak formations.

Crater sizes on the Moon:
High-speed impact produces a crater that is approximately 20 times larger in diameter than the impacting object. Smaller planets have less gravitational "pull" than large planets. The greater the mass of the impactor, the greater the size of crater created.

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